About Us

Kardia Learning Center meets each week for a full day of History, Art, Literature, Science, Music, Drama, Latin, Writing and Composition, Physical Education, and Scripture Memory. Group activities, organized games, and lunch are part of our day and provide additional social time for the younger children. For the Rhetoric (High School) students, appropriate electives are offered which may include Christian World View, Economics, Logic, Choir, Art, Government, or Foreign Languages.

Parent-staffed classes include Infant & Toddler Nursery, Preschool age, Pre-K, Kindergarten Primary grades 1 & 2, Grammar Grades 3-6, Dialectic Grades 7 & 8, and the Rhetoric classes for grades 9-12.

Participation of parents as classroom assistants in our program facilitates quality instruction, helps maintain an orderly atmosphere, and keeps tuition reasonable. One parent (typically Mothers) are expected to attend the learning center with her children. We expect Moms to assist with outside functions in various ways - for example: teaching, helping in Nursery or with Preschool age children, administrative duties, fundraising, or organizing field trips and other special events.

The Classical Model

Kardia Learning Center employs the wise use of the three phases of a student's learning (Grammar, Dialectic (or Logic), and Rhetoric (grades 9-12) to focus and drive the education of our children.

The Grammar Phase (lower grammer grades 1-3 and upper grammer grades 4-6) focuses on memorization of facts, rules, dates, stories, etc. We tell the students what they need to learn through hands-on experiences, narration and lots of reading.

During the Dialectic (sometimes called the Logic) Phase (grades 7-8), students begin to relate the facts to one another and ask the question, "Why?" We challenge them to think logically by allowing them to discover knowledge for themselves, focus on dialogue, understand the value of an argument, and learn how to validate a point of view.


A Focus on More than Education

Mom Time is a special period carved into the weekly schedule. It allows all moms to gather together, without students in tow, to pray, share in a devotion, and discuss any present business. Sharing in each other's joys and burdens, encouraging a new homeschool mom, being real about life... that's what Mom Time is all about. When the going gets tough, the moms get tougher!